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From the bustle of Cotonou to the historical sites of Ancient Dahomey, our production coordinator in Benin knows what locations to recommend to you. Porto Novo, the official capital, offers beautiful colonial architecture and a rich history. Ancient Dahomey offers a glimpse into the country’s fascinating past. Our journalist fixer can set up interviews with interesting characters to enhance your storytelling. Ouidah offers beautiful beaches, palm trees, and hidden gems that our location scout can help you discover.


With its lively street markets, bustling port, and colorful street art, Cotonou provides an authentic African backdrop for filmmakers. Its vibrant music scene features local genres such as tchinkoumé and agbadja. Our location scout will help you find hidden gems in the city. These include the Ganvié stilt village or the stunning beach resorts along the Atlantic coast. Our production coordinator in Benin will offer expert knowledge and support to ensure smooth and successful shoots.

Porto Novo

The city boasts an impressive colonial architecture. Buildings such as the Presidential Palace and Porto Novo Museum of Ethnography are prime examples. Porto Novo is also home to the famous Jardin des Plantes, a botanical garden that boasts a diverse array of flora and fauna. Another interesting location is the Ouidah Museum of History, which tells the story of the transatlantic slave trade and the cultural significance of voodoo in Benin, by far a favorite of our production coordinator in Benin.

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Porto Novo

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Ancient Dahomey

Ancient Dahomey was a kingdom located in what is now southern Benin. It was known for its powerful army of women warriors, the Dahomey Amazons. The royal palaces and fortresses, as well as the ruins of the kingdom’s capital city, Abomey, are must-see sites for history lovers. We can help you secure the permits to film here. Additionally, our journalist fixer can set up interviews with local historians and community members who can provide valuable insights into the region’s past and present.


Ouidah is home to the Sacred Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage site and an important location for voodoo culture. Discover local artisans who create intricate voodoo dolls and talismans or see the Zoungbodji Slave Route, a path that led to the beach where slaves were loaded onto ships. Our location scout can help you discover hidden gems, such as the tranquil Grand-Popo beach or the charming town of Possotome, with its lively markets and traditional dances.


Pendjari National Park

Pendjari National Park is a must-see destination for filmmakers looking to capture breathtaking landscapes and wildlife on camera. Located in the northern part of Benin, it is home to a wide variety of animals, including elephants, lions, and hippos. The park also boasts an impressive diversity of bird species, making it a prime location for wildlife documentaries. Our location scouting team can help you find the best spots to capture stunning footage, while our production coordinator in Benin can assist with permits and logistics.

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The rainbow of the local markets, the magnificent architecture of the historical buildings, the stunning landscapes of the national parks, and the colorful costumes of the people are just some of the visual wonders that await filmmakers in Benin. Lakes are surrounded by lush vegetation that offers stunning views of the sunset over the water. It makes for a perfect location for filming nature scenes or capturing the local culture.

At Benin Fixers, we have a deep knowledge and understanding of the country, its culture, and its people. We can recommend tailored locations based on your specific needs, whether it’s for a commercial, a documentary, or a feature film.

To get started on your next project in Benin, simply get in touch with us and our production coordinator in Benin will take care of the rest. From location scouting to production support, we’ll provide the necessary services to ensure your production is a success.

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